Harland-Indeng-Monoflo End Suction Pumps We offer new pumps as well as spare parts for
the Monoflo range. We carry some spare parts off the shelf and can offer complete rebuilds in our workshop.
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ISO Standard End Suction Pumps The robust single stage end suction pumps conform to the exacting ISO2858 standard and are very compact making them ideal for
small spaces.

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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps
These new-generation pumps are light-weight, compact and robust and are available in corrosion-free materials. Their modular design will allow for a variety of installations.

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Grundfos Pumps Grunfos Digital Dosing brings you fast,simple and accurate dosing. With just nine models our range supplies from
2.5 ml/hour to 940 L/hour.

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High Temperature pumps The thermal oil pump range has been developed for fluid temperatures
of up to 350
°C.  We also have
other model pumps suitable for
high temperature hot water of up
to 230
°C uncooled.
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Low NPSH Pumps / Condensate Return End suction pumps feature a combiantion of centrifugal and
side channel impellers, allowing entrained air or gas to be handled or liquids at close to their boiling point.

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Hilge Hygienic Pumps Stainless steel pumps suitable for the brewery, dairy, food, winery, distilling, soft drink and pharmaceutical industries. Positive dispalcement and centrifugal pumps are also available.

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