Pump Overhaul

We are able to over haul all types of pumps from centrifugal to positive displacement. Whether your pump is loosing pressure or has a growling bearing let the experienced staff at Harland service your pump.
Vacuum Pump Overhaul

Is your vacuum pump losing performance. This could be due to the internal clearances opening up. We can in most cases, return the internal clearances to as new condition, regaining your pumps lost performance.
Epoxy Coating of Pump Internals

The epoxy coating of pump components can allow the recovery of worn parts producing considerable savings during overhaul. The example on the left shows a blue epoxy coating of a pump casing and suction cover. Both have had bronze wear rings fitted.
Pump System Analysis

Many pump systems are operated inefficiently or added to the point of collapse. We are able to offer engineering analysis of system prior to installation or before upgrades to ensure capital and running costs are minimized.